Mission – F.A.W.C – What a weekend!

I’ve just got back from an amazing long weekend in the beautiful city of Napier, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand where I attended the inaugural Food and Wine Classic. 

Hawkes Bay has a reputation for being a serious international wine producer and for its gorgeous Art Deco buildings, a legacy of the 1931 earthquake. It also has this brilliant climate that seems to cultivate growing just about anything but in particular grape vines and  a huge abundance of fruit and vegetables. Surround this with rolling farmland and over a hundred kilometres of coastline and you’re in foodie heaven. 

F.A.W.C is marketed as ‘a series of “out of the box” food and wine experiences set in stunning locations throughout Hawkes Bay’. I stumbled upon the event quite by accident (fishing for ideas for an East Cape tour of wineries) and decided I must go. With over 55 events being held it was a complex issue deciding on dates to travel and events to attend. In hindsight, with an unlimited time frame and budget I would spend a minimum two weeks in Hawkes Bay and attend the maximum number of events possible. However I only had a few days so it was out to Havelock North for an insight into single origin coffee, out to Church Road winery for a blending session and BBQ lessons at Trinity Hill winery. Sunday was spent winding down at Mangapapa Petit Hotel.

“Who will come to F.A.W.C? F.A.W.C! is for people who seriously love to eat (can often be seen with mucky chins and licking fingers after a meal), like to drink good wine and visit places that inspire and delight. F.A.W.C!ers are unafraid of purchasing the latest gadget to aid their cooking habit and generally have a stack of the latest cookbooks, some food stained, other as show pieces on their shelves. We suspect they also like to play with the latest toys, wear the latest fashions and drive the coolest cars.” I liked this so much I had to share! Especially the last couple of sentences which do directly relate back to some of the Hawkes Bay locals (hands up if you’re from Havelock North anyone!)

If you think this sounds like you and you’re absolutely gutted that you missed it, don’t panic. There is another F.A.W.C! event on the cards for Winter 2013.



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