Mission – It’s all in the coffee’s origin

ImageI didn’t realise how fussy I am about coffee until I took part in a coffee tasting at Adam & Eva’s in Havelock North. I also didn’t realise how obsessed with food and wine and coffee until I realised how many of my more recent posts were regarding these delicious subjects. I feel good food, wine and coffee can only compliment a travellers blog though as so much time in our travels is spent consuming, exploring new foods and tastes and imbibing the local beverages.

Back on subject; Did you know that Ethiopian coffee beans are treated differently to Mexican or Colombian beans? The ‘fruit’ is left to dry on the bean and then husked off instead of being husked off initially. This gives the Ethiopian coffee beans a fruitier taste which my tasting partner for the day found very appealing.

We cupped a very light, medium and very dark roasted ‘cafe’ mix first, to get a good feel for the effects of the different roasts. I found the light roast bitter and the medium roast average. It’s interesting to note a lot of cafes (especially those in small towns in New Zealand) use a medium roast coffee bean. I had a distinct preference for the very dark roasted blend which was strong with a mellow almost buttery taste.

Finally it was time to explore the different tastes of the single origin coffee. The Mexican coffee beans had a strong nutty flavour, the Colombian blend had rich coffee flavours and both felt good and left a pleasant after taste. The Ethiopian beans definitely had a fruitier taste. When blended with the Mexican or Colombian beans it seemed to make them smoother.

It was interesting to note that fair trade in New Zealand have stopped importing coffee beans from some places because of conflict, lack of supply and because of a general decline in the coffee beans provided. I was tasting the different single origin coffees I wanted to compare them with the Tanna coffee we’d purchased in Vanuatu recently.

I definitely feel I’ve got a lot more to learn about coffee and it’s origins, blending and roasting!


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