Anticipation does all sorts of strange things to my head. One of the biggest side effects being that I can’t concentrate on my work. It doesn’t matter where I’m going, or how long for, but the thought of travel puts my life on hold.

For many of you out there, I’m still a novice. I haven’t ticked a lot of things off ‘the list’; I haven’t spent a year overseas, I’ve never been completely out of my depth in a foreign country, and the longest I’ve been ‘away’ in a hit is three weeks. On the up side, I’m not completely green either. My passport has a few stamps, I’ve been to more countries than I have fingers to count and I’ve done things most people would shake their heads at.

I think this is why the anticipation is such an issue. I’ve travelled enough to know how much I love it, but not enough to get jaded. I really hope I never get to this stage.

Someone close to me always used to say “You should see your own country before you travel”. It was a phrase I heard a lot growing up and one I tend to live by. New Zealand is the sort of place I believe that you don’t get bored with. My next journey should take me back through some of my favourite places in New Zealand, in the meantime, I’m enjoying the anticipation.


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