Mission: Hand feeding eels

EelsOne of our last activities while in the Nelson region was to visit The Jester House Cafe. Set just in off the road on the Ruby Coast highway, it’s playful garden is fun to explore, but the tame eels were the highlight for us.

The Aporo stream runs between the garden and the road and is the natural habitat of the New Zealand long finned eel.The tame eels come every day from September until May to be hand feed and are an amazing sight. To start off with, they are out during daylight hours (something you rarely see) and they’re huge! Obviously the hand feeding helps but I couldn’t get both of my hands to close around some of these eels. They slide up out of the river to the rocks, take minced meat from wooden sticks and hang around, nosing each other and jostling for position while hunting around for more food.


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