Small victories

Today I had a small victory. Technically with the amount of thinking I’ve been doing lately it’s a huge victory because something got done, but as compared with some of my past efforts, this one will be going down in history as small. 

It all started about a week ago. A small dose of enthusiasm combined with effort, energy and some spare time (things I’ve been lacking in huge amounts lately) led to me ordering three A2 sized canvas prints of my photographs. 

I know it doesn’t sound like much but the idea that I could maybe, one day, sell my photographs has been brewing in my head for almost a year now. Part of establishing this blog was in order to get me out into the public arena so I could get some real world feedback on my images and travel writing. I’ve also been heavily focused on learning as much about photography and my camera as possible in that time and I started to feel like I was getting somewhere. Lots of people were saying good things about my images, I could see my editing skills were improving and I had a solid idea of the amount of work I was going to have to do to sell my work. 

Then the doldrums hit. A shadowy insinuation turned into a bite by the infamous black dog. Something I’d avoided for a long time. It took a good solid talking to one of my dearest friends in the world for me to realise what was happening. And then. the long slow road to recovery. With a couple of points in my favour. I’m naturally an optimistic and happy person. I’m also (within the bounds of the crazy amounts of happiness) a realist. Once the problem had a name it was as good as fixed. Lots of small steps and I was back on track. Except for my photography. Suddenly my camera wasn’t good enough (a really good excuse not to get more of my work out there), I hated all of my photographs (more excuses), that these images had all been taken before, or that no one would want to see them anyway. Yeah, I got really good at excuses. 

So I went to another good friend of mine, one whom I’d managed to hide the extent of my issues, and got a constructive critique on my work. And on whether or not I should buy a new camera. Two completely separate issues in the end. The best bit was, she pulled out all the problems I was having with my photographs, let me know that they were actual problems that would stop people buying my images, and then made them seem like they were only (very small) speed bumps. 

So I brought my canvases (after about a week of panic regarding which images to get printed!) and put them up for sale on trademe (a NZ website where you can sell all sorts of stuff) and I picked up my camera again. Today, the canvas images arrived via courier. I was like a little kid at Christmas. Peeling back layers and layers to see the finished product.

They’re gorgeous. Absolutely stunning. Even if I do say so myself!

And another small victory – this is the first blog post I’ve actually posted in ages so thanks for listening!


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  1. Wow! So many words! Well done Jess, you have a talent that can only improve but that will only ever happen if you recognise the worth in what you do.Run down this road as fast as you can with your eyes wide open and seize your future.

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