This blog came about over a conversation with a dear friend of mine. I was talking about running away and travelling and writing for a living. She said something like, “we’re getting old. You’ve got to do what you love.”

I like doing lots of things, but what it comes down to, what I really feel enough passion for (enough to last me a lifetime), is writing. I have this inherent drive to record things; events, places, smells, etc. There is something about walking down a street for the first time, trying new food, hearing/speaking/learning new languages and being totally immersed in a new place that makes me feel like I’m alive.

Hopefully something I’ve written here resonates within you and I’ve found a kindred spirit. Maybe you’ll absolutely hate what I’ve written or a photograph I’ve taken and you’ll take the time to share your thoughts so that I can improve. At the bare minimum, I want to have inspired you to travel, to explore, and to try new things.

I look forward to crossing paths with you sometime soon. In the meantime, enjoy the journey…


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  1. Good timing for you to start following my blog, I went to Amsterdam last month and today, a month to the day since my first flight, I thought would be a good date to tell the world (all five of you :P) about it ^.^

  2. Traveling, taking pics and writing is something I’m so looking forward to doing,,very sooooon..Will be visiting Toronto for the first time ever for NXNW Music Conference in March. I will definitely be posting pics for that.

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